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Shoot Out with the Blues

February 21, 2014

It seems strange to be writing about the wintertime blues on such a spectacular, sunny day in Asheville, NC. And, I know we’re not out of the woods yet so, this cowgirl wanted to share some of her favorite tips for shooting the blues.

January thru March has always been difficult for me with some years being tougher than others. Over the years, I’ve come up with some things that help keep the blues corralled or chase them away. A friend this week shared with me that he found that hard to believe since he always sees me smiling and upbeat. I assured him that even cowgirls with a kick ass attitude get the blues sometimes.

Don’t despair if you’re a cowgirl with the blues. Lock and load some of these ideas and see if they help to put the giddy up back in your step!

•Eat, sleep and hydrate well~ I figure my body has enough to deal with and this is least I can do to help out. Tons of water, no processed foods (easy on the sugar and alcohol), and eight hours a night are a solid recipe.
• Retail therapy within budget~
Treating myself to a new scarf or other small treat fits my budget and puts a smile on my face.
• Move your body~ If the blues have already moved in, this can be tough to do and yet essential to shooting them out. Cold snowy day…bundle up and get around the block walking with intention. Any amount of endorphins will ease your heart….guaranteed.
• Eating ice cream with a sterling silver spoon in a bubble bath~
This is my super, uber indulgent treat! I feel like a queen when I indulge myself with this.
• Sipping wine in bed snuggled up with a good book~ Love this one too! It could also be hot tea if that feels good for you. I love taking a break from reality with a good novel and yummy glass of cabernet.
• Sunlight~
Get as much as possible naturally and pay for it if you have to.

Photo credit - Tracey Schmidt

Photo credit – Tracey Schmidt

• Play with horses~ Research has shown that horses have the ability to sooth us emotionally due to the size of the electromagnetic field projected from their heart. Touch them, open your heart, and breathe them in.
• Get into nature~
I believe that nature is a natural healer. Every time I’ve gone in the woods, I come back feeling better having left some unwanted ‘stuff’ behind. The trees can process your s*** better than you. Trust me.
• Keep yourself up~ I like to let go in the winter a bit since I am home so much. It could be weeks before I shave my legs…then, I can feel when its time. Manicure, pedicure, condition hair, and mowing my legs puts things back on track. After all, I do have to live with myself.
• Practice speaking fluently in sailor~
I’m a huge fan of letting it rip and letting off some steam. There are some days when it seems f*** finds a way into every sentence I speak. What a relief to have this as an outlet.
• Find something that makes you laugh~ Movie, comedy show, your geeky neighbor or friend. Do whatever it takes.Laughter clears energy just as well as tears and it’s more fun!
• Human touch~
If you’re in a relationship, get a snuggle. If you’re single like me, get a professional massage. You’ll thank me.
• Dance anywhere anytime you can~ Whether it’s going out for live music or making a playlist of the songs you love. Get around music you can’t sit still listening to. Keep that playlist handy and use liberally.

What are your ways of keep the blues at bay or running them off once they arrived?
I love my list and always need more so I hope you’ll share!