Published Writing

In living a life that became a quest for authenticity and truth, I have developed an anthropological eye for people and the world. I love to explore people, places, and cultures…consider them deeply… then share them with you through my essays and stories.

I write out of love for the written word.
I write because I believe I have a unique perspective to share.
I write for the love of community and connectedness.
I write with a prayer that you will find your self in what I write and feel less alone.
I write because my heart compels me to and will not rest until I have.

My curiosity for people and their differing perspectives makes me an excellent copywriter. I excel at reaching people at their most receptive point with information about your business or product. My writing gets the point across and drives it home.

My storytelling about others is insightful and engaging.
My copywriting is perceptive and compelling.
My personal essays are warm, revealing and humorous….’cause if you’re not laughing, you’re dying.

So, please read...and enjoy.