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Parenting Consulting

If you’ve ever wished you had someone to turn to, who could help you see a solution to a repetitive problem in your home, then a private parenting consultation may be the answer for you!

After teaching the Positive Discipline parenting class for over 10 years and working with over 100 families in addition to raising my own girls, I am uniquely qualified to help families find the solutions to challenging behavior patterns with their children.

From bedtime routines to the getting out the door to school in the morning;
From teaching them to pack their own lunches to managing fits of anger,
I can help you to find the ‘walk out’ of a seemingly endless pattern of behavior to help restore peace and happiness to your home.

My consults can be conducted by phone or in person.
The initial consult is typically one hour with follow up sessions often taking 30 minutes or less at a rate of $60 per hour.

Parenting Classes

While working in the pre-school at Rainbow Mountain Community School 14 years ago, I was introduced to Positive Discipline as created by Jane Nelsen. All the teachers were trained in this approach to managing the behavior of children in the classroom. It was so impressive to me that I completed a course training me to teach Positive Discipline for parents.

For groups of 10 or more, I am available to teach the “Parenting with Positive Discipline” course. Teaching this class has been one of the most inspiring things I have ever done. Seeing families come together, share, learn from one another, find solutions to long standing problems, and celebrating their success is a tremendous joy for me.

Contact me for details and to arrange a free introductory meeting with your group.

Speaking Engagements

For groups as any size, I am available to speak on a variety of parenting topics. These talks can address:

  • Positive Discipline: An Overview
  • Finding Your Power in Parenting
  • Self Care Crash Course for Overwhelmed Parents
  • Reclaiming the Holidays for Your Peace of Mind
  • Morning and Bedtime Routines Without a Fuss
  • Discovering the Gifts in Parenting

My gift for speaking with authenticity and humor bring light and laughter to the challenges of parenting along with practical solutions. It is my joy to inspire, entertain and support parents.

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Consulting & Speaking Services

Michele Bryan is available for:

  • Parenting Consulting
  • Parenting Classes
  • Speaking Engagements

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