The Nature of Adventure

September 10, 2013

When you choose adventure, you need to be ready for whatever comes down the road. It may feel good. It may feel strange. It may feel awful. The guarantee is that you will feel something and learn more about yourself and life. That is why it’s an adventure!

Recently, while on a short vacation with my daughters, an unexpected call came. It was a friend offering me an amazing opportunity. She wanted to know if I would be willing to go to Costa Rica, be taught to surf, and blog about my experiences with the company that was organizing this trip, medAge and Dr. Laura Ellis.

To say I was stunned is the least of it. This offer was the answer to many questions and prayers that had been on my mind and heart all summer:

• I was curious about some changes in my physical body. Why do I feel so tired? And noticing changes in my cycle? Am I going into pre-menopause? Why does my body look and feel different when there is little to no weight gain?

Part of the offer would include full body blood work including hormones. Check!

• My work out routine had become boring and uninspiring. I craved a new goal, outside support and guidance, and perspective on how and why my body was changing.

A trainer and nutritionist was also part of the deal. Check!

• Since being on my own, each year I’ve had a traveling adventure on my own. This year, financial resources went to buying my youngest a used car for college and taking the three of us on a long overdue vacation. It seemed my personal adventure would wait till 2014.

Now, a trip to Costa Rica (where I’ve never been) was being offered to me. Check!

I pinched myself often over the next 24 hours while I contemplated this opportunity. How could I say no? Everything I had been asking for was there and the only answer was “YES!”


Training with Trina

Over the past weeks, I’ve been preparing for this trip, with the strong support of Dr. Laura Ellis and her team at medAge, and getting geared up to surf in the Pacific Ocean. A gift had been given and now it was time for me to ante up and do my part.

Nutritional guidelines and a strong exercise routine were in order. Even when I was out of town on family business in rural Kentucky for a week, I took my balance ball and free weights with me. Getting up early every morning to continue my workouts and maintain my fitness for this adventure felt crucial. I did it.

Now as the departure draws near, I am facing my fears and concerns. Can I really do this? I’ve never tried anything other than a wave board in the ocean. What will I face? How will I feel?

Then I remember how that this IS the adventure! It is the unknown, the uncontrollable and unpredictable. It felt right in my heart when I made this decision and so I am surrendering to what will be in Costa Rica.

After all, it’s not like I’m a pioneer headed west with the possibility of Indians scalping me. These risks are calculated and minimal. And they are real for me.

You don’t get a chance to be brave until you’re afraid.

This girl is saddling up and heading to Costa Rica for a date with a surfboard!

I hope you’ll follow my journey and find inspiration for your own adventure.

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